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If you have decided that you will use earned media (news media) to get your message across, then you need media interview training.  My approach to media interview training is unlike any other. It is by far the most thorough.  There are no other trainers, it is just me. And you will leave knowing that you have the skills to handle any media interview and turn it to your best advantage.  That is my commitment to you.
--Kelly Morris
Have You Been Tapped by Your Company to be Interviewed by a Reporter?
If a Reporter Calls, Can You Avoid #EpicFail?
Do You Know How to Take Control of Any Media Interview?



Most professionals put in front of a news camera or offered up as a company spokesperson have never had  even one hour of instruction in how to deal with what may very well be an important part of his or her job.


--  Kelly Morris




Would you or your company know how to respond if a reporter calls?  Do you know how to PITCH a story to GET coverage? Do you know:

  • what are reporters looking for?

  • what will you say?

  • how long CAN a sound bite be?

  • how to MISquote-proof soundbites

  • what are the ground rules?

 A Media Interview

Is NOT just another speaking engagement. It is a high-risk proposition. And it defies all the rules of what passes for basic human communication.


Yet, a media interview can make or break a career, cause a company’s stock to drop or jeopardize future business, impact fundraising efforts or bring embarrassment to a board of directors or group of investors.


And it doesn’t matter how poised or articulate you may be in other areas. 


Unless you are prepared for the subtleties, the standards and the snares of a media interview, and are unshakably prepared to get your message across against all odds, what may have begun as an opportunity could end up being a professional or personal disaster.

For good or bad, the media is a fact of life for companies and the people who run them, and you need to know the ground rules in how to get your message across.

Can You Use the power of a Media Interview to tell your company's story?


A media interview is an intentionally demanding exercise -- one that can help or hurt your business.


Media training will help you:

  • Understand the ground rules that govern the media interview,

  • Learn techniques for gathering your thoughts and formulating your key messages and

  • Prepare yourself to succeed regardless of any circumstances.

"I recommend Kelly to anyone looking to hire a seasoned and fearless media training professional. Kelly is passionate about media training. Her media training programs are relevant, engaging and entertaining. After a session with Kelly, participants will feel fully prepared to handle their respective challenges. From first time public relations professionals to seasoned professionals looking for a refresher and/or new ideas and perspective, Kelly Morris is the right choice."


Anamaria Suescun Fast, VP

The DeBerry Group

Kelly Morris Media Interview Training
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