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What Media are Saying About Kelly Morris' Media Interview Training:


  "One thing I have learned in 35 years as a radio, TV, magazine and wire service reporter is that being interviewed is a unique skill which needs to be learned.  Your MBA, PhD or MD degree prepared you for a lot, but not for that moment when a microphone is jammed into your face and what you say in the next thirty seconds will affect your share price, your practice, or your career.  I have unfortunately seen and read media interviews which certainly led to awkward moments at the next board meeting, or extra discussion by the tenure committee.  On the other hand, I have experienced those triumphant situations where a trained and prepared leader's true skills shine brightly, thanks to the adroit mastery of a media opportunity.  What separates those two scenarios?  More often than not, it is media training from a professional who is knowledgable and experienced in this highly specialized craft.  The kind of training that Kelly Morris will provide.


   We live today in the media age.  When you think of those people whom you admire, chances are your admiration stems largely from a media setting, an interview or talk show appearance which confirmed their status as a thinker and a doer worthy of your respect.  The very fact that you are being sought out by a reporter confirms that you are a woman or man of knowledge and achievement.  Make the most of it.  Dare to be great.  Kelly's media training will help make that happen.


   Kelly has the experience to help you turn the interview and the media contact into the opportunity that it is.  Dealing with the media is rapidly becoming a key part of the job description of today's executive and professional.  Whether print, broadcast or on line, Kelly understands the subtle differences and the unique challenges of each, and her specialized and individual training will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to understand it, embrace it, and master it!"


--Jim Forsyth, News Director

WOAI  1200 / IHeart Radio

Kelly Morris Media Interview Training
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