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About Kelly Morris' Unique Brand of Media Interview Training

"Today, with social media

      capturing every word spoken or written about a business; it is critical to your success or demise how media inquiries are handled. To put your organizations best foot forward in every interaction with the media, Kelly Morris is a must have as part of your team.  She is experienced, professional, and has an extraordinary ability to connect with every team member. Kelly doesn't lecture, she provides live examples, and suggestions that transcend from television to radio to print, ensuring each dollar spent on training becomes an investment in your team rather than an expense to your bottom line."


-- Wendy Kowalik, President

Predico Partners, LLC

Morris flips the script in media interviews to put you in charge!


We live in a media age.  And most professionals who have chosen to participate in media interviews, don't know the first thing about how to use them to their advantage. Morris' passion is in giving clients the skills and the confidence to ace any media interview.  Her exclusive training manual on how to survive any media interview is available exclusively to clients.




Kelly Morris has been practicing public relations for more than 30 years. She is not and never has been a journalist (unless you count a life changing six months she spent as a weekend intern in the newsroom of a local ABC affiliate ripping wire and shadowing reporters, learning fast that she didn't want to be in the eye of the storm of that frenetic  business). 


Morris is and always has been a PR practitioner. What that means is that while career journalists were doing interviews, Morris was watching their methods, learning their tricks, and using all of that to help her clients "flip the script" and exercise control of any media interview. In fact, she  wrote the ultimate survival guide on how to survive any media interview. 

This 30+ page workbook is a part of media interview training

For good or bad, the media is a fact of life for businesses. Either you are reaching out to reporters and editors asking them to cover something or they are coming to you, looking for a story. Either way, you need to know the ground rules for using that interaction strategically.

Morris has had a front-row seat to some of the toughest media interviews and has navigated relationships with some of the hardest-hitting reporters.


She has been called upon to counsel clients on some of the worst imaginable company crises, and to help executives anticipate how best to deliver both bad and good news messages. For more than 30 years, she has studied and dissected scores of national and local interview disasters -- and successes -- and has put that insight to work in helping hundreds of clients get their message across and master any media interview situation.



Kelly Morris Media Interview Training
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